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Kozel Ležák

Lager with a full flavor due to the combination of three types of malt and hop bitterness.

  • Mug 0,4l 16 pln

Kozel Černý

Traditional Czech recipe of beer brewed with a special blend of dark malts.

  • Mug 0,4l 16 pln

Kozel Mliko

The most delicate variety of Kozel beer with a very low level of carbonation, with an extremely “plump” foam, taking up to ¾ a pint.

  • Mug 0,4l 16 pln

Kozel Mix

It’s a perfect combinationa in one stein, creating a blance between the pleasant gentian of Kozel Ležák and caramel sweetness of Kozel Černý.

  • Mug 0,4l 16 pln

Książce Złote Pszeniczne

  • Mug 0,4l 16 pln

Czech board – 59 pln

Kozel Ležák – 0,5l

Kozel Černý – 0,5l

Kozel Černý Mliko – 0,5l

Kozel Mix – 0,5l

Bottled beers

  • Książęce IPA 0,5 l - 19 pln
  • Hardmade Crush 0,4 l - 19 pln

    Raspberry Crush

Non alcoholic beers

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